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1. Buy Online

Shop our new or preloved, 100% cotton, locally sourced and produced clothing range for your child. Choose from a wide variety of products, from T-shirts and pants to bodysuits and rompers.

2. Baby Grows Up

As your little-one grows up why should their wardrobe? With Kindr, you can enjoy every moment of watching your baby grow without it affecting your wallet. Kindr revolutionizes the way parents buy kids clothing, offering a more sustainable and affordable way to shop.

3. Trade-in

Trade-in your outgrown Kindr clothing items and receive Kindr credits to use toward your next purchase. This means you’re not only spending less, but being Kindr to your child, the planet, and yourself in the process.

View items available to trade-in

From your Kindr account dashboard, view all the details of your purchased Kindr items: Their purchase price, trade-in value, trade-in status, and more.

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Each Kindr item has a unique story

Scan the unique QR code on your Kindr item to reveal all its details, including where it was made and who owned it previously. Alternatively, you can search for the unique code in our item search area.

Each Kindr item has a unique story
Icon Our cleanliness guarantee Kindr

Our cleanliness guarantee

Each Kindr item is steamed and sanitised with a baby safe and allergy-free sanitiser, packaged, stored, and shipped to ensure absolute safety and peace of mind for you and your child. We also ensure that each garment is individually packaged and sealed to avoid exposure to its environment when stored or shipped. Our goal is to assure that each item is as clean as a new garment with the added confidence in its safety in terms of sanitation.

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