Baby growth tracker & measuring tools

This is where you can keep track of your child’s growth over time – simply enter their measurements into our measuring tools to see your baby’s stats compared to the current average.

Baby growth chart

Percentile Summary
Entry BMI Weight Height Head
- - - - -

All children are unique. And they all grow at different rates. But, as a parent, it’s important to be aware of how your child is growing compared to the national average – other boys and girls of the same age. This is not to make you worry if they’re tracking a little behind or ahead of the average. It’s rather so that, if you notice something regarding your child’s health or development, and you do want to go see a professional, you have a record of your child’s growth right here in your Kindr measuring tools.

Kids grow faster than we think. And it can be tricky keeping up with buying the right sized clothing for your little one. That’s why it helps to have a record of your child’s measurement, height, and growth over time, so you can easily stay on top of whatever clothing they need and when.

Note: We’ve set up this tool to track the first 12 months of your child’s growth – as that’s the most important data range that most doctors like to keep track of. That means you can enter measurements up to your child’s first birthday into our measuring tools.

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