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Kindr Shipping & Returns Policy

We want to try and delight you as much as possible. That’s why we need to let you know what, where and how we ship and trade-in Kindr items, so you know what to expect, what’s possible and when you’ll receive your orders, trade-ins and returns. See our Kindr shipping & returns policy below:


  • Where do we deliver?
    All over Indonesia.
  • What delivery options do we offer?
    We deliver straight to your address. And we have two delivery options, and your delivery time depends on the type of delivery/courier service you choose:
    – REGULAR service delivers within 2–3 days to the Jabodetabek area, and 4–8 days in other areas;
    – BEST service delivers within 1–2 days to all areas inside Indonesia.
  • How can you track your delivery/package?
    Kindr will send you a shipment confirmation email with all the delivery information on it, as well as a link that you can follow to track the package through the courier’s customer service department.

Return & Exchange

  • Our Return & Exchange Policy
    Should you need to return or exchange a Kindr item for another one, we ask you to please make sure that the item(s) haven’t been damaged, soiled, washed or worn (other than to try the item on), and that any labels or tags should be intact. The time limit for returning or exchanging is 7 days after you first received the item(s).
  • How do you return a product?
    – Contact  by email with subject ‘Return/Exchange Request’’, or you can contact us through our WhatsApp +62 812-6222-2920 (Chat Only, Mon-Fri, 9.00-17.00).
  • Do you need to pay for the return?
    All we ask is that you, the customer, pay the delivery cost for bringing the item back to the warehouse.
  • Is there a time limit for return or exchange?
    Yes. All returns and exchanges need to happen within 7 days after you first received the item(s).
  • How long will the refund process take for the returned products?
    It will take 10 working days after we’ve received the returned products back from you, the customer.


  • Our Trade-In Agreement
    You, the customer, acknowledge that by reading these Trade-In T&Cs and making use of the service, you agree with our policies.
  • Product Trade-In Policy
    – Please note our policy and time limit when requesting a trade-in: (i) the item(s) need to be undamaged and the QR code on the tag needs to be intact; (ii) The item(s) should be traded-in by the customer within 1 year from first receiving the product.– We perform a quality assessment on every trade-in and, each item may have a different trade-in value, based on the quality level it achieves during the assessment.
  • Trade-In Credit
    Kindr will define the trade-in value based on our trade-in quality assessment (see our trade-in policy above). The trade-in credit process will take up to 5 working days after Kindr receives the trade-in product.
  • How does the trade-in work?
    – First, the customer orders Kindr products, receives and uses those products
    – Then, the customer requests the trade-in
    – Kindr will notify if it accepts the request (subject to the conditions above)
    – Our courier partner will pick up the products from the customer’s address, and then forward it to our warehouse
    – Kindr receives the trade-in products and performs a quality assessment
    – The customer receives their trade-in credit
    – Kindr will wash the trade-in products with baby-safe detergent, fix stitches, sterilize and maintain the trade-in products
    – Products will then be sold as “Preloved”.
  • Is there a time limit on trade-ins?
    Yes. You need to trade-in within 1 year from when you first received the product.
  • Does the customer need to pay for their trade-in?
    No. Kindr will cover the courier pick-up fee.
  • How does Kindr treat traded-in (Preloved) products?
    Kindr will wash the trade-in products with baby-safe detergent, fix stitches, sterilize and maintain the trade-in products to be sold as “Preloved”.

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