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Having a child is one of the most remarkable human-experience journeys you’ll ever go on. The connection, the trust, the almost impossible-seeming love – we believe parents should be free to enjoy it fully. That’s why we created Kindr: to help in this one small way to remove some of the pressures on parents, kids and the planet.

Kindr creates sustainable kids clothing. That means we manufacture locally sourced high-quality, longer-lasting 100% cotton children’s clothes that you can purchase easily through our online shop. Then, we offer you a guaranteed trade-in, so your outgrown items can come back and bring value to another family, while you get credits to buy your child’s next size item. That’s conscious kids clothing. That’s Kindr.


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The Kindr way

Kindr to kids

Kindr to kids

Kindr kids clothing is designed with the needs of babies and children in mind. We take special care to ensure ergonomic fit, and we use only high-quality materials that will be kind and not irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

Kindr to planet

Kindr to planet

By using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and production methods, we ensure a long-lasting and high-quality product. This allows the product to be reused and traded numerous times. So, our trade-in model, combined with our cleanliness guarantee, creates a platform for outgrown items to be safely shared with new kids, lowering the carbon footprint.

Kindr to parents

Kindr to parents

When trading in outgrown Kindr items, parents receive Kindr credits to use on their next Kindr purchase. This saves you money – because kids grow so fast! Additionally, all “preloved” or traded-in items are then resold, with utmost cleanliness as priority, to other parents at a discounted price.

Track your child’s growth over time

Compare your child’s growth with that of the national average. This could determine early detection and prevention of more serious health issues for your baby.

Parent’s blog

From positive parenting and tips on everything from pregnancy to taking care of your baby. Our blog promotes fun and healthy parenting, with useful advice to keep you up-to-date with what’s new at Kindr and in the wider world.

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Just How Sustainable is the Fashion Industry Really?

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Each Kindr item has a unique story

We believe that transparency and traceability are key ingredients to a sustainable future. Scan the unique QR code of any Kindr item with your phone or enter its sequential code in our traceability search tool to reveal your Kindr garment’s complete story. We give you access to all the details, from where the raw materials were sourced to where it was made.

Each Kindr item has a unique story
Guaranteed trade-in Kindr

Guaranteed trade-in

All Kindr products have a guaranteed trade-in value that can be redeemed on your next product purchase.

Item traceability Kindr

Item traceability

We log each Kindr item in our traceability database. Scan the QR code on the label or search the unique item code on our site to see in detail where your product comes from.

Cleanliness guarantee Kindr

Cleanliness guarantee

When a Kindr clothing item is traded in, we wash and sanitise it according to best-practice hygiene and safety standards before offering for resale in our shop.